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unions. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday march 24th. i'm pam cook. we begin with another big storm moving into the bay area today. steve paulson tells us what we can expect. good morning, steve. >>> all right, pam, thank you. that is correct. still a couple hours away from the main impact on this system. we still have scattered showers around. you can see this is beginning to move in. one system gets bumped out. here comes the next one. that's going to fly in here courtesy of a very strong supportive jet stream. just now into the north bay that's very light rain. bulk of the system is still offshore. we're kind of embracing this system because it's going to give us some moderate to heavy rain. we'll have all the warnings and watches, just scattered showers right now though. here's sal. >>> steve, right now westbound 24 traffic looks good. roads are still wet from the last storm. as you heard steve say, this morning's commute later on is not going to be a good drive to work. as we look at interstate 880 traff
for joining us on this tuesday, march 22nd i'm pam cook. it sounds like we could see a lot of rain this weekend but is it off own an showers or another big storm? steve paulson has the answers. >> a lot of questions there, pam. mainly it's cloudy. it's leading up to what will be more rain coming in tonight. the system still has a lot of rain to go. along 24 and also down toward san jose which we will look at coming up in our next segment. now to sal. >>> highway 24 traffic looks good all the way up to oakland. the lanes are clear. the morning commute will be okay on interstate 880 in oakland. it's 4:31 let's go back to pam. >>> in a few hours opening statements begin in barry bonds' perjury try million allie rasmus is live in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, pam prosecutors are expected to lay out their case to the jury first. that will take an hour and then defense attorneys for barry bonds will make their opening statements also to take another hour. throughout all of this barry bounds is expected to be -- barry bonds is expected to be in court today. he was in court yes
ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's wednesday, march 16th i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. >> we do have cloudy skies. light rain tapering off as the rain is moving through. steady rain in the north bay. you can see it's sliding south, but there is not much of a break in the cloud cover. look for lows in the 50s with decreasing raining. >>> highway 24 lafayette looking pretty good heading up to the tunnel this morning. it's wet as we have been mentioning. also this morning's commute will be okay in oakland but the rain has just moved through here as well. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin this morning in the situation in japan where they are desperately they are trying to prevent a meltdown at the nuclear power plant. helicopters have been sent in to dump water on the plant's reactors in an effort to cool them down. for a time today the 180 workers remaining at the plant had to leave after a serge in radiation levels. reportedly up to 70% of the plants fuel rods may have been damaged. centers have been set up near
the highest waves would be. for us here projected time is 8:08:00 a.m. at the golden gate bridge. the good news is we're going into a low tide. waves two to four feet possible. possible. this is what happened after of japan. this is called a mega thrust. it moved away. as that water has to be displaced and has to move. as it goes over the pacifics the ships would not notice it. it's when it moves closer toward shallow land. they get closer toward the coast. again, it will hit hawaii first and it will wrap around. it's not just one wave but it will wrap around. when that would happen it would be 3:00 a.m. our time. if it does arrive it would be around 8:08:00 a.m.. for now we go to jade hernandez. she is along the coast. >> reporter: i have to tell you we just learned a command post has been set up three minutes from here at a nearby high school. five different fire departments will converge to aid the pacific of fire department in case of possible evacuations. no evacuations have been made so far this morning. no plans have been made to evacuate. of course there are preparations being made
regarding the train derailment. allie rasmus joins us live with an update we received 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: bart service to san francisco from this concord bart station has been restored. it's certainly good news for a lot of commuters that depend on this ride to get to work. the platform is behind us. there is a few people gathering there getting ready waiting for the next train. the first train has already come through. we watched the first train another morning pull into this concord bart station a few minutes ago. riders were relieved to see it. a bart train heading from concord to san francisco detrade on this line at about 9:20 yesterday morning. ktvu channel 2 news chopper two was overhead as you can see the bart train jackknifed on the tracks. it cut off service on bart. passengers had to use buses to get to and from the concord. bart repair crews worked throughout the day and overnight hours to repair the line. they brought in trains to lift the bart cars off the tracks. work finished over an hour ago. train service here at the concord bart station has been restored a
morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us it's tuesday, march 8th i'm pam cook. a little rain overnight. will we get more today? >> we do have very light rain. it barely shows up on radar. there are heavier amounts especially north. we will light rain from san francisco north. now here is tara. >>> thanks, steve. look at the san mateo bridge. it shows things are pretty wet out there and foggy. 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic is flowing well in all directions. we do have a fog advisory coming up. >>> topping our news we are following news from berkeley where narial ten hour long swat standoff happened. kraig debro is on the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we just talked to police minutes ago. they told us the standoff has ended and it ended with the death of a man they were negotiating. behind me marin and alameda. you can see behind the berkeley police van. it looks like the robots they use when they have a standoff with somebody. instead of putting an officer in the line of fire. we got here probably around 3:30 this morning. we had a camera he
morning. it's wednesday march 23rd. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it sounds like it's going to be a pretty intense weather day. meteorologist steve paulson keeping an eye on things. very windy this morning, steven. >> that is correct, pamela. not only that also rain moving in. some of these are bursts of moderate to heavy rain. you can see the system beginning to spin in. it took its sweet time getting here. we'll have more on rain and storm tracker 2. i haven't seen anything too heavy. bent low ma picked up three quarters of an inch but anything as far as rainfall in that area could be tough. we'll fine tune the forecast and look ahead to the next couple days. here's sal. >>> driving is going to be tough with the wind and rain almost all over the place. this is highway 4 as you drive up to concord. traffic is going to be busy and it's very wet. also the morning commute looks okay on 880. be careful as you head out. another traffic update in a few minutes. it's 4:31. let's go to pam. >>> thank you, sal. topping our news this morning, federal agents and san francisco police a
morning. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday march 17th, st. patrick's day. i'm pam cook. little chilly out there this morning. let's check in on thewet we are steve paulson. good morning, steve. >>> good morning, pam. it is chilly because skies are clear. it's not something we've said in a while but we do start off with clear skies. 30s are showing up. highs today we'll have sunshine in the morning and clouds coming in. fremont is 661 we have a new lead story. that would be 61 degrees for you good folks in fremont. upper 50s and low 60s. here's sal. >>> steve, right now traffic is moving well on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade. so we're off to a very nice start. this is a look at interstate 880 and that traffic is moving along very nicely. now at 4:31 let's go back to pam. >>> thank you, sal. overnight we received sad news involving an accomplished big wave surfer. ktvu's claudine wong has details of this tragedy that unfolded at the bay area's best known surfing spot. claudine. >> reporter: yes, we're at half- moon bay. i want to direct your attention to th
children to flee his own trial. >>> using glue to rob a bank. how you could become a victim at the atm. >>> plus the steps one local community is considering to fight prostitution. and it may include an embarrassing moment at home. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning. it's wednesday march 19th -- march 9th that is. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. sounds like it's a layering day. right, steve? warm this afternoon. >> that's correct. start off with some clouds. not too bad here. 40s and 50s. like yesterday in the afternoon if you were in the sun it's not too bad. we'll actually bump highs up a little bit. upper 60s to 70s. a few high clouds above the fog but the fog is not as bad this morning. here's tara. >>> thanks, steve. here's a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. we don't have that rain out there on the roadways this morning. so that's some good news. and 101 through san francisco traffic also moving well downtown and toward sfo. 4:31. pam, how's it going. >>> thank you. topping our news this morning a search for a former pittsburgh counselor.
for waking up with us it's monday, march 7th i'm pam cook. the weekend weather was just what steve paulson called. what is it like today? >> we do have rather breezy conditions. the rain is winding down or about dope. temperatures in the 40s. we will end up with upper 50s or low 60s. so partly sunny but breezy and kind of cool if you're in the shade or wind. here is sal. >>> thanks, steve. we are taking a look at highway 4 through bay point. 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic is flowing well. here is pam. >>> right now people in san francisco are lining up to buy food vendor permits. ktvu kraig debro joins us with the new policymaking the permits so desirable. >> reporter: good morning, pam. see these people here sleeping on the sidewalk, if you looked at them you might think they are waiting for a concert ticket or buy a new video game or they want the latest iphone. but to them camping out here in tenth and market for a food vendors license is just as valuable. now the first of the vendors on the line say they arrived here on friday. there is two reasons we have first seen them lying
. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday, march 25th. i am pam cook. let's check in with steve for what it looks like this morning. >> hi, pam. with the front that went through yesterday, left behind the signature of rain, wind. and some of the rain is now giving way to showers. so it will not be as bad today, but some of the showers can be brief and heavy. and throughout the day, temperatures will start to get into the mid- and upper 50s. and a possibly of thunderstorm and maybe reports of hail. but at least we won't have the widespread heavy rain, just pockets. >>> right now, traffic is moving well on interstate 880 in both directions here. but there's been some rain moving through oakland. a lot of standing water after days of rain. some of the drains have not been working as well. and this is a look at northbound 101 san francisco, rain moving through there. traffic still looks good. back to pam. >> thank you. >>> overnigh, heavy rains and wind -- overnight, heavy rains and wind pounded the county overnight. we are in one of the areas that took a beating. i kn
morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday, march 4th. i'm pam cook, let's check in with rosemary who is in for steve. hello. >> good morning to you. dwi t -- tgif, off to a foggy start. high clouds for the storm rolling in. for the highs above average, upper 50s to 60s and waking up with fair skies we are colder by ten degrees and your morning forecast before you head out the door in just a little bit. >>> traffic is moving well on 880 north and south bound as you can see right now. we are off to a good start in oakland with no major problems and in san francisco, northbound 101 traffic open and clear to the 80 slit. 4:31. let's go back to pam. >> fremont passengers should be on alert, burglaries have prompted officers to warn you about what you leave inside your car. jay hernandez has more from the train depo infaremont. good morning. >> reporter: it appears these dollars, coins, whatever the commuters left in their parked car and specifically in this parking lot right here, fremont police say a thief or thieves broke into about 40 cars. we can show you video o
with us. it is thursday, march 10th. i am pack cook. good morning. >> hello. we have, well, mostly clear skies, but there's a system getting closer. so we start off with some sun and then cloud it up and rain will move into the north bay first. in is a weak system. we have a ways to go. san jose and others, morning sun and then clouds. rain late they are afternoon. >> thank you. >>> this is a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. not too many folks on the roadways just yet. and 101 through san francisco, same story. off to a great thursday. >> all right. thank you. >>> this morning, oakland police are searching for the gunman responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened on 6th avenue and international boulevard last night. craig is there in the area. tell us more about what happened. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. there are some businesses in the area, but it's not clear if any were open or if there's any witnesses. the only evidence of a crime here is this discarded yellow police tape here on the grown. this happened around 8:30 last night. police say a man was shot to death at the
morning. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday march 29th. i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here with the forecast. feels a little warmer already this morning, steven. >> oh, yesterday, pamela, just one guy talking but that was beautiful weather. could we continue the theme of pushing it up? we'll see a lot of low to mid-6 0z pushing a couple upper 60s and gill roy right at 70. here's my good friend, sal. >>> steve, right now traffic on highway 4 off to a nice start coming to the willow pass grade. if you want to get on the road early and heading west, it's a good time to do it. also this morning interstate 880 in front of the coliseum traffic is moving well. 4:31. let's go back to pam. >>> thank you, sal. it may be sunny today but the recent rain is still crumbling more bay area hillsides. ktvu's kraig debro is in hercules this morning at a landslide that's now threatening several homes. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. today later this morning rather crews are set to bring in some barricades in order to shore up some homes here on carson street. take a look
, thank you for waking up with us it's wednesday march 30th i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here with the forecast. how does it look? >> it's in the 50s for most right now. did you enjoy yesterday? just rack it up about 5-10 degrees on the highs. that is an 82 in santa rosa. 80 in antioch. and in morgan hill. 78 redwood city. here is sal. >>> steve, right now traffic is okay on highway 24 getting up to the caldecott tunnel. the traffic will be okay also on interstate 880 east 580 though as you drive near 150th avenue there is a problem with lanes closed. they are picking them up. we'll have a complete update in a traffic report coming up in a few moments. let's go right back to pam. >>> we begin with breaking news of a fire in san francisco. right now police and fire crews are at loten street near 19th avenue. paul chambers just arrived on the scene. we understand there could be injuries. >> reporter: that is correct. one person was transported with smoke inhalation and they asked two other people to go on their own. it's on the second floor. it's the second floor unit. basically
morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us i'm pam cook it's monday, march 28th. pretty wild weekend weather wise. it seems like it's clearing up. >> this week will be much quiter. we did have lingering rain over the weekend. there is still some residual clouds around. fair and warmer. a little difference in the morning low. take a look at the next couple of days here. here is sal. >>> steve, right now traffic on highway 4 looks good with no major problems there. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the frays here in oakland. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. topping our news this morning a shocking crime that is getting national attention. police in vacaville are warning everyone to watch out for suspicious packages. ktvu kraig debro has a story of a man that was seriously hurt when his sunday morning newspaper exploded . >> reporter: police have not released the name of that man. members of the vacaville and travis air force base bomb squader called in to help with the investigation. it happened yesterday around 10:20 in the mo
are still in the dark after storm related outages. we just got off the phone with pg&e they tell us most of the outages are in the north bay with 3700 customers effected. in the east bay it's less than 700 customers. the number is smaller in the south bay with only 40 customers. on the peninsula it's 20 customers without power and in san francisco no customers are on the bunch. >>> the last big winter storm blew through area leaving crews with a lot of cleanup for the first day of spring. this was the scene in berkeley yesterday where city workers work to clear 120-foot pine tree. when it crashed down the train ripped a gas line over the meter. police evacuated people from nearby homes including wendy that works for pg&e. >> my guess is what we did was jackhammer this open and turn the valve off so it cut off gas to that home. >> now police say no one was injured and the gas leak was quickly urn control. they were also out in oakland. >>> the national weather service says more snow, strong winds and rain with expected for last angeles and santa barbara county. also this morning specific
morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's thursday march 31st. i'm pam cook. steve paulson's here with the forecast. steve, felt like a pretty warm night. >> it was, pam. if you were in san raphael or napa yesterday it was record setting. today might be just as warm across the board temperatures starting off in the 50s to near 60 degrees. looks like a lot of low 80s, upper 70s, mid-70s. enjoy it while you can because we will have a cool down headed into the weekend. here's sal. >>> good morning. right now highway 4 traffic looks good getting up to the willow pass grade. no major problems heading to concord. also this morning we're looking at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. san francisco looks pretty good. closure on 280 at 680 is a construction overnight closure. going to be closed for another half hour right now. so if you're in that area please be careful and watch for the cone zone. back to pam. >>> thank you, sal. another landslide is forcing more local families from their homes. ktvu's kraig debro is in mountain view this morning where as much a
of the race. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> and good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's friday, march 18th i'm pam cook. pretty rainy overnight. is there a storm heading our way? let's check in with steve paulson. >> we do have the leading edge of a system beginning to move in. there are bursts of moderate rain but it will pick up. right now i want to give you a look at the system. we will have moderate rain. real quick let's put this in motion. there are area where is the rain is starting to pick up a little bit especially toward san francisco and the san mateo coast marin county. for an up state of what's going on and conditions on the wind it's claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning, steve. we are over here at four point in san francisco because we know the high surf advisory is coming here today. they are crashing here this morning. sometimes it felt like it was really coming down. we are getting a little bit of a break from it this morning. as you said this is just the start of it. what we will do is keep an eye out on how things look whether it be on the roadwa
morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday february -- not february, march. march 3rd already. there's rain this morning. doesn't look as bad as yesterday. let's check in with steve for a complete forecast. >>> hi, pam. we have light rain out there. not a big deal. nothing compared to yesterday. even some breaks in the clouds. but partly to mostly cloudy and occasionally get a few light showers. highs today in the low and maybe a few mid-60s. now here's sal. >>> right now, steve, traffic is moving along okay if you are on highway 4 westbound. looks pretty good up to the willow pass grade. also this morning's commute looks good if you're on interstate 880 right near the coliseum. it's 4:31. let's go back to pam. >>> thank you, sal. this morning fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire at a strip mall in san jose. that fire started on the corner of story road and lieu career ya avenue at about 1:30 this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter is out there with firefighters this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. well, firefighters are actually still h
. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's tuesday march 15th. i'm pam cook. sounds like we could get some rain this week. let's check in with steve paulson for details. >>> we will. good morning, pam. heaviest amounts will be to the north. we have a cloudy pattern. mild low 60s, mid-60s few upper 50s on the coast. north bay leading edge of the system is beginning to move in. here's sal. >>> steve, right now traffic on the golden gate bridge looks good heading to the toll plaza no major problems as you drive south. also on the san mateo bridge traffic is light heading to foster city. back to the desk. >>> all right. we begin with overnight news. san francisco police are now looking for suspects in a terrifying shooting right outside a mission district bar. ktvu's in the area to tell us exactly where this happened and what police are saying about it. good morning. allie. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the shooting happened near 16th right in front of the bar in the mission district. if you look at the front door you can see several bullet holes through the front door of that
running. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday. it is march 1st. i'm pam cook. it is cold this morning. looking like rain tonight. but let's check in with steve paulson for all the details. good morning, steve. >>> good morning, pam. that is correct. clouds will increase through the day and late tonight more likely tomorrow rain and even wind start to move in. today highs mid upper 50s to a few low 60s. here's sal. >>> highway 24 westbound looks pretty good heading up to the scald quotable tunnel with no major problems. also this morning we're looking at the commute on interstate 880. it's starting off at the speed limit. 4:31. back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. topping our news this morning, in just 90 minutes federal safety investigators will begin a three day hearing into the deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. ktvu's allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom with a preview of today's hearing. allison. >> reporter: pam, this morning's hearing could reveal critical new information about las
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